The “Architectural Heritage” All-Russian Festival with International Participation covers a wide array of issues related to the conservation and rational use of landmarked buildings, historical landscape and urban space. The Festival consists of competition shows, scientific conferences, and theme-based exhibitions showcasing the best design solutions as well as construction and restauration technologies. The Festival events aim to find the brightest examples of conservation and adaptation to the modern conditions of landmarked buildings and the historical urban space of Russia’s towns and cities.


Theme: “Historical and Modern Landscape

in the Context of the Urban Environment"

The landscape architecture is an ancient art of organizing space and a centuries-old science dealing with a comfortable human environment.

For millennia, the peoples of the world have been forming their national cultures, which nourish the creators with knowledge and skill to combine natural, architectural and urban planning components to produce a single artistic image and volume-spatial composition of such elements of the urban landscape as squares, public gardens, parks and recreational systems.

The landscape sites have always been the subject of public interest, and this is one of the main factors of the historical landscape integration into contemporary life as a consumer product and, at the same time, as the nation’s cultural patrimony. At the "Architectural Heritage 2020" Festival the theme of conservation and interaction between the natural and man-made, historical and modern landscapes in a single context of the urban environment will be the matter of discussion and debate. In frames of this business programme, gardening and park establishing specialists, architects and town-planners will have an opportunity to hold an equal dialogue bringing their positions closer, which is important not only for narrow professionals, but for the whole society as well.

Our goal is to activate the public for maintaining a reasonable balance between the historical memory, properties of landscape architecture works of the past and creative reconsideration of modern architectural space. A city could be made loyal and friendly towards the people only on an equal footing with nature. Its specks in the modern urban context can become a panacea for the people, who are increasingly suppressed by technology-related urbanized areas.

The mission of the 3rd All-Russian Festival “Architectural Heritage 2020” is to promote the creation of a favorable climate for the holistic perception of the world, in which the past interacts with the present in the name of the future. It could be done with the participation of talented and competent specialists and by efforts of the Russian and international professional community.

Festival curator: Irina Markina,

Moscow 2020


The 3rd All-Russian "Architectural Heritage" Festival

will be held in the Peter and Paul Fortress.

From  September 17th to 19th, the 3rd All-Russian Festival on "Architectural Heritage" will be held in St. Petersburg. Its main events will be unfolded in the open air on the territory of the Peter and Paul Fortress, which is a unique historical-architectural monument and a cultural heritage-listed building of the Russian federal importance.

The Union of Architects of Russia together with the St. Petersburg Union of Architects with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Government of St. Petersburg is the Festival organizer.

The third “Architectural Heritage” Festival will be held under the motto “Historical and Modern Landscape in the Context of the Urban Environment”. The Festival venue reflects this idea pretty well: the architectural ensemble of the Peter and Paul Fortress includes buildings and structures of different times. Today it is one of the main attractions of St. Petersburg and the historical and cultural center of the city.

The “Architectural Heritage” Festival includes a competition, exhibition and business programmes. Its events cover a wide range of issues relevant to conservation and rational use of the architectural monuments, historical landscapes and urban environment. The event provides a communication platform for meeting people, for discussion and sharing experiences among a wide range of specialists. The main venues of the Festival business programme will include: the Naryshkin Bastion, the Commandant’s House and the Cosmonautics Museum at the territory of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

In the frame of the Festival, four review-competitions will be held: “The Cultural Heritage of the Russian Regions”, “The Best Site of Conservation and Development”, “The Best Print Publication on Architectural Heritage” and “The Best Student Work”. The presented projects will be demonstrated at the expositions of the review-competitions.

The exposition of the “Russian Regions Cultural Heritage” review-competition, which will take place near the walls of the Naryshkin Bastion, will become a center of the exhibition programme. As conceived by the architects, the best examples of restoration and conservation of architectural heritage sites across the country will be demonstrated on cubic-shaped structures.

As part of the Festival business programme, more than 40 special events are planned: conferences, round tables, panel discussions and lectures. Among the speakers there are leading Russian and foreign experts in the field of restoration, architecture, urban planning and landscape gardening art, as well as representatives of the regional executive bodies and companies leaders. The International Conference on the subject “Historical and Modern Landscape in the Context of the Urban Environment” announced on June 17 will be one of the key events of the business programme.

The main events of the business programme will take place at three sites, and the atrium of the Commandant’s House will become the principal of them. In the courtyard of the historical building the “Materials and Technologies” and “Creative Architectural Bureaus and Teams” exhibitions will be presented. The expositions will introduce the leading materials manufacturers and present the restoration bureaus’ works to the Festival guests.

Dates of the "Architectural Heritage" Festival:

Registration for participation in the competition and exhibition programme:

February 3 - April 30, 2020 inclusive.

Festival working dates: from September 17 to September 19, 2020

September 17, 11:30 – Festival Opening

September 19, 18:00 – the Festival Closing Ceremony, announcement of the competition winners and awarding of the Festival participants will be held in the Commandant's House of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

The following institutions are the “Architectural Heritage” Festival Partners: the Landscape Forum of St. Petersburg, the State Museum of St. Petersburg History, the Union of Restorers of Russia, the Agency for the Management and Use of History and Culture Monuments (AUIPIK), the “Renaissance of Historic Gardens and Parks” National Association, the Russian Association of Restorers, “The Relikvia” Magazine.

More information can be found on the official website: http://archnasledie.ru/

Information on the Festival:

“The Architectural Heritage” – that’s an all-Russian festival dedicated to the current problems of preservation, restoration and adaptation of the Russian architectural heritage sites, as the most important component of the country's culture. The Festival is meant to identify and popularize the unique examples of architecture, as well as the progressive trends and innovative approaches in the development of the architectural heritage preservation and regeneration projects. Among the Festival objectives there is the creation of an open information space for young professionals, experienced experts and the general public communication, as well as the sharing experience and development of new strategies for the conservation of architectural sites and monuments of historical value.

The 3rd All-Russian "Architectural Heritage" Festival will be held from September 17th to September 19th of 2020 in St. Petersburg.

The Peter and Paul Fortress:

The Peter and Paul Fortress was founded on May 27 of 1703 on the Zayachy (Hare) Island by order of Peter I. The citadel had the shape of a six-pointed star and was being built according to the design of the French engineer J.-G. Lambert with the participation of the Tsar himself. Six curtains link six strong bastions, named after Peter`s fellow-fighters. In 1712-1732, the Peter and Paul Cathedral was built on the territory of the Fortress by architect Domenico Trezzini. It became a burial place of Russian emperors. Within the 18th -19th centuries, there were constructed the buildings and structures for various purposes: Botny Dom (Boat House), Artillery armory (Zeughaus), the Mint, Commandant and Engineers’ Houses, guardhouse and others.

Under Emperor Alexander I, at the beginning of the 19th century, the fortress was first open to visitors. In the 1900s, tours through the imperial necropolis were conducted in the Peter and Paul Cathedral. In the early twenties, the prison of the Trubetskoy bastion has turned into a museum. And towards the middle of the 20th century, the complex of the Peter and Paul Fortress buildings was transferred to the State Museum of the History of Leningrad (St. Petersburg).

Today, thousands of Russian and foreign tourists visit the Fortress to get acquainted with the architectural features of Russia in the 18th – 19th centuries.


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Press Service of the Festival and Competitive Activities Directorate,

The Union of Architects of Russia


“RUSSIA’S REGIONS” COMPETITION SHOW It is held with the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation to showcase the best examples of conservation and rational use of landmarked buildings, development of towns and cities and landscape gardening, of giving new life to historical settlements, of conservation of the elements of the natural landscape, as well as of bringing out the problems of the heritage conservation in the regions of Russia. The awards go to administrations of Russia’s federal subjects and organizations of the regional municipal authorities.
“BEST CONSERVATION AND DEVELOPMENT OBJECT” COMPETITION SHOW It is held with the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Russian Union of Restorers, the Agency for Management and Use of Historical and Cultural Heritage and the All-Russian Society for Protection of Historical and Cultural Heritage. Its aim is to find the best works in the field of adaptation of the landmarked buildings to the modern conditions, and of encouraging the groups of authors that have a scientifically based and creative approach to design. The awards go to designing collectives, architects, engineers and researches whose works help to conserve and rationally use the architectural heritage.
“BEST STUDENT WORK” COMPETITION SHOW It is held with the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Russian Union of Restorers with the aim of finding the best student works, best teacher collectives and the talented youth, upgrading the alumni skills and training highly qualified and scientifically thinking restorers. The awards go to students and teacher collectives of specialized universities and colleges that develop educational projects in the field of conservation of Russia’s architectural, natural and urban heritage.
“BEST PRINT MEDIA” COMPETITION SHOW It is held with the Russian Union of Restorers, the Agency for Management and Use of Historical and Cultural Heritage and the All-Russian Society for Protection of Historical and Cultural Heritage to find, diffuse and popularize the knowledge about the domestic and international restoration experience, to culturally educate the general public and to draw attention to the best media on the conservation of the objects of cultural heritage. The awards go to researchers, architects, historians, experts and organizations whose publications help to popularize all kinds of heritage, as well as its authors’ work.
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The Union of Architects of Russia and the All-Russian Society for Protection of Historical and Cultural Heritage present the “SOS. Saving Together” project for architectural and urban objects.

The Project encompasses both the objects of the cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia (listed in the Unified State Register) and the newfound objects of cultural heritage, as well as the objects that are candidates to be listed as historical and cultural heritage.


- To draw the attention of the state and the general public to the architectural and urban objects possessing a high historical and cultural value to the society and in need of emergency conservation, restoration and adaptation measures;
- To find new objects with the features of cultural heritage, to contribute to the cultural and historical expertise and state enlistment.
- To popularize Russia’s architectural heritage, to conserve, diffuse and develop the national culture, to foster patriotism.

The “SOS. Saving Together” project for architectural and urban objects is formed with the help of the regional organizations of the Union of Architects of Russia and the All-Russian Society for Protection of Historical and Cultural Heritage, that propose them based on the local expertise and send them to the Direction of the Festival with the Application Form and the Certificate of the Object.

The Direction of the Festival reserves the right to hold and additional expert selection.


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